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Savannah, Georgia - Online Water Bill Payment Service is Fast, Easy, and Convenient Enter your Account Number, Full Name, Street Address, and Amount Due
in the Online Payment Form below. is Fast, Easy, and Convenient Click the Green button at the bottom of this page and proceed to Payment Checkout. is Fast, Easy, and Convenient Enter your credit card information safely and securely through PayPal Card Service.
(Debit or Credit cards accepted - Visa, Mastercard, Am Express or Discover)
A PayPal account is not required.

Only payments for City of Savannah, GA water accounts are accepted through this 24/7 online bill-pay service. Your Savannah water account number is easy to recognize. It has 7 characters: 6 numbers and 1 letter (A-Z) at the end. Be sure you have a 7-character account number before proceeding. is not a part of the City of Savannah or the Savannah water department. For information about your water account, including Account Number or Current Amount Due, and for all issues regarding your water service, call the Savannah, GA Water Deptartment at: (912) 651-6460.
This online bill-pay service is subject to a convenience fee of $5.95 plus an admin surtax of 4%.

Online Payment Form

Savannah, GA Water Account Number:
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Service Street Address:
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Due Date (mm/dd/yr):
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Service Cutoff Date (If you have received Notice):
If you are paying on or past the Cutoff Date, call
651-6460 to confirm minimum payment required.
After a disconnect order, $50 must be paid
in addition to the total amount due on your account.


Contact eMail:
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General Terms and Conditions (Please read carefully before proceeding):
Parties: By clicking the "PROCEED" button, I acknowledge and confirm that I understand that I am not making a payment directly to the City of Savannah, GA Water Department, which is not affiliated with this website in any way, but rather, I am making a payment to Data Services of Georgia, a Georgia corporation, which will make payment for me on my water account according to the information which I am submitting; and I fully authorize Data Services of Georgia to make payment for me on my behalf in my stead as if I were making the payment directly myself. Cost: For this online bill-pay service, I approve a standard convenience fee of $5.95 (billed as "handling") and a 4% administration surtax (billed as "sales tax"), both of which will be automatically added to my payment amount prior to checkout. I further understand and agree that my submitted payment will be transferred to my Savannah, GA water department account and any refund request by me must therefore be submitted directly to the water department. Liability: I do not and will not hold Data Services of Georgia liable for any loss or damages of any kind as a result of this online payment; and I understand that Data Services of Georgia does not have any control over my water account and/or water service in any way. I also understand that, because of the transfer time as explained below, this online bill-pay option is not recommended for water accounts in danger of disconnection. Right of Refusal: Data Services of Georgia reserves the right to refuse service for any reason and, in such case, will order a full refund of any payment along with any and all fees paid. Email Notifications: An "Acknowledgement of Payment" and a "Notice of Transfer Completion" will be sent to the email address provided as contact or provided to PayPal, usually within 12 hours. Time: Card payments made before noon are usually transferred to your water account the same day. Card payments made after noon, including evenings, weekends, and holidays are usually transferred the next working day; however, please allow 2 business days for transfer. Same-Day service is not guaranteed. Additional note: An eCheck payment requires about 3-5 business days to clear prior to transfer to your water account.

    Yes, I have read, understand, and agree
          to the above General Terms and Conditions
          of this online bill-pay service. (Required)

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